Friedrich Dunkel

5th place Final A | Men's Two (M2-) | Final Olympic Qualification

  • Germany
  • Germany, Rowing

I am outside a lot in my sport and especially for a long time – in wind and weather. My units can go from 90min-120min. Before the sessions, I get the immune boost in the morning through the PowerCocktail, then you go on the water with a clear conscience. In the past, I had to fight with small infections again and again and was out of training for 2-3 days, which is now over. Due to many long intensive units, a quick recovery must take place. Here the restorate helps me a lot.
My favorite product is the Activize Oxyplus because my day starts at 06.30 am and usually ends late in the evening, through Activize Oxyplus. I am always fully focused on the matter. I study on the side, so I have to go full throttle when rowing and studying and always be highly concentrated.

I’ve been using FitLine products since December 2021 and regularly use:
FitLine PowerCocktail, Activize Oxyplus, Restorate , Fitness-Drink

FitLine Team: PM-International Speyer

Friedrich's favorite

FitLine Activize

FitLine Activize

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