Lisa Åström

Top 3 at the international dog show

  • Sweden
  • Sweden, Dog sport

I have gained more energy and focus and feel that I have more energy at work and on my free time. During the last agility trainings and competitions, I have experienced that I have the strength “no matter how much”. In normal cases, it can be tough to stay focused several races in a row, but the results of the last few months may speak for themselves; 3 jumping certificates and championships for me and Ila!
Nowadays I always start the day with my favorite PowerCocktail, a wonderful start to the day!

I have been using FitLine products since November 2021 and regularly use FitLine PowerCocktail, Activize Oxyplus, Restorate, Munogen and Fitness Drink.

My FitLine advisor is Charina Bergman.

Lisas favorites

FitLine Activize

FitLine Activize

Your productivity booster

FitLine Restorate

FitLine Restorate

Supply of Minerals & Trace Elements


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