Ryuga Higashi

Japanese Champion

  • Japan
  • Japan, Soccer

I am using FitLine products in a variety of ways, depending on the situation. Before I started using them, I was in a spot where my strength coach was shaken by how my condition changed from day to day, almost as if I was a different person each time. I had a really hard time maintaining my fitness. But with FitLine products coming into my life, I finally found my fitness beginning to stabilize.

This connected to the necessary improvements in my practice routine and my condition in games began reflecting a level of body control that allowed me to do the things I want to do at the time I want to do them. I am really grateful to have encountered FitLine products. I still want to keep on reaching higher stages from here on. And I want to build my own legend and history. In this sense the FitLine products will be part on the path I must take to climb those stairs. I am grateful for the encounter thank you very much.

I have been using the FitLine products since 2020 and regularly use FitLine Basics, Activize Oxyplus, PowerCocktail and Restorate.

My FitLine advisor is PM-International Japan.

Ryuga's favorites

FitLine Basics

FitLine Basics

FitLine Restorate

FitLine Restorate

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