Ponthus Kristensson

Swedish champion

  • Sweden
  • Sweden, Ski cross

For me as an athlete it comes down optimizing my life and be able to be focused on what I need to do to get better, that is first and foremost training and to have energy and focus on what I need to achieve during any of my workouts. If I can put in 10% more effort in everything I do, the progress will beat everyone else’s. Activizer helps me with this and keeps me energized and very focused! It is known that a person need to sleep well and be rested and recovered to be able to perform on the highest level , and I feel this is the main thing for me to even be able to have a good workout and keep from getting ill, Restorate helps me surprisingly well with this.

PowerCocktail: Gives me more energy during the day.
Activize Oxyplus: Gives me that extra push of focus before and during training and competition. Restorate: Restorate allows me to have a restful night when I need it most and settles my body after a rough training session.
Proshape® (Amino): Keeps me feeling strong throughout tough training periods.
Munogen: Felt like it helped my mind/body to be one.
Heart Duo: This made me feel at ease, less agitated and more focused.
Fitness Drink: Made a huge difference in my long workouts, higher energy and way more focus during my workouts.

I have been using FitLine products since August 2019, and regularly use FitLine PowerCocktail, Activize Oxyplus, Restorate, ProShape® (Amino), Munogen, Heart Duo and Fitness Drink.

My FitLine advisor is Elin Ophus.

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FitLine Activize

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