HwaYeon Sohn

Bronze Medal Asian Games women´s soccer

  • South Korea
  • South Korea, Soccer

I chose FitLine products because they are loved not only by athletes but also by the general public. I started taking FitLine products from March 2020. I absolutely love most of the FitLine products, but I have to say Restorate is my favorite product among them. As a professional female soccer player, I used to suffer from frequent muscle cramps during the actual games and my training sessions. It was a lingering problem, which always bothered me. However, after taking Restorate on a daily basis, occurrence of muscle cramps and convulsions significantly dropped down. Not only that I was also able to get a good night’s rest better than before. I scored 10 goals in my first year of the WK League, and I am looking forward to be able to break this record next season with the help of FitLine products!

I have been using FitLine products since March 2020, and regularly use FitLine PowerCocktail, Activize Oxyplus, Restorate, and Munogen.

My FitLine advisor is SiWon Lee.

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FitLine Activize

FitLine Activize

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FitLine Restorate

FitLine Restorate

Supply of Minerals & Trace Elements


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