Max Maute

Vice World Champion

  • Germany
  • Germany, Artistic Cycling

I take the PowerCocktail every day before breakfast, as for me as a founder, student and competitive athlete, this is the most efficient way to get all the important nutrients and vitamins. If I have a late workout and am tired or just want to be super focused, I occasionally take Activize Oxyplus. In the evening before sleeping there is always a pack of Restorate to optimize my recovery.
I don’t know if the products actually work, but I haven’t been sick since I take them. In any case, the three products mentioned are all delicious and have become a fixed ritual in my everyday life.

I have been using FitLine products since December 2020 and regularly use FitLine PowerCocktail, Restorate, Activize Oxyplus.

My FitLine advisor is Jannis Hörnschemeyer.

Max favorites

FitLine Activize

FitLine Activize

Your productivity booster

FitLine Restorate

FitLine Restorate

Supply of Minerals & Trace Elements


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