Victoria Iduna Philipp

Swiss Champion

  • Switzerland
  • Switzerland, Karate

I’ve been using FitLine products since 2021, and i daily use Powercocktail junior/Omega 3 + Activize + Antioxy

I’m  really happy with fitline products! I regularly using Powercocktail Junior. Activize is also part of my daily routine. It allow me to stay focus and give me energy. Other products that i love are Zellschutz/Antioxy due to the taste and for sure i noticed that it help consequently my immune system.

I finish my day with Restorate and i can say that i’m feeling better the next day after a training or a competition

Victoria's Favorites

FitLine Activize

FitLine Activize

Your productivity booster

FitLine PowerCocktail Junior

FitLine PowerCocktail Junior


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