The secret of the Pros

Why FitLine for Sport?

Far more than 1,000 top athletes from more than 85 disciplines and 40 nations trust FitLine. FitLine is the official supplier of more than 20 sports federations and national teams.

20 Years FitLine Sport Facts

The FitLine products have been firmly established in top performance sporting activities for more than 20 years


of all top-class sportspeople confirm a rapid regeneration after intensive sporting activities*


of top-class athletes achieve improved concentration*


of top-class athletes notice a fortification of their immune system*


of top-class sportspeople were able to stabilize their performance level*

* (after 90 days of consumption of the FitLine products; internal study)



More safety through tested products

Athletes, associations, and clubs appreciate the unconditional premium quality and our extraordinary commitment to the safety of our FitLine products.

All FitLine nutritional supplement products are on the Cologne List®. That list publishes products that have been tested by one of the world’s leading laboratories for analyzing nutritional supplements for doping substances.


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