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8 Ways to Get Back on Track the Easy Way

Are you having trouble getting back on track with your routine? We’ve all been there, and we know how hard it can be, especially after vacation. However, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to ease back into your routine. In this article, we will give you some tips on what you can do to make it easier on yourself and set yourself up for success without stress. Keep reading and discover our 8 tips on getting back on track!

  1. Schedule your time

    Think about what you want to accomplish in a day and schedule the tasks. In the beginning, you can be generous with the time you plan for individual tasks because we want you to accomplish something and get the motivation to keep checking things off your list and be productive and happy about your progress. Don’t wait to feel motivated – start doing things. Motivation kicks in when we start doing something, even if it’s the most minor thing – so don’t sit around! 😊

  2. Be realistic

    When you’re setting goals for yourself, or when you want to do all the pesky little house chores that don’t seem ever to go away – be realistic about what you can, and most of all, what you’re willing to do in a certain amount of time. A list that is too long could discourage you from starting at all, and tasks that you could not complete might frustrate you. Set a realistic goal, and if you still have time to do more – do more. You’ll be happier and more motivated by accomplishing all your tasks for the day.

  3. Create a routine for YOU

    Based on the last two tips, you should create a routine that’ll work for you. What does this mean? Let’s say your goal is to work out, so you plan your workout according to your available time. Got time for 3 workouts a week? Then do 3 workouts. This goes for anything else, too. Do what you can with the time available to you.

  4. Avoid temptations

    What kind of temptations? Your phone, for example. We’ve got so used to our smartphones that we take them everywhere. Try to put your phone away as often as you can. Scrolling is made never to stop, and too often, we fall prey to addictive social media apps or just mindlessly browsing through the internet. Less screen time will benefit you in multiple ways. For example, your eyes will take a break, and you will finally be more present and enjoy time with your family and friends. You will also be more productive and not constantly interrupt your workflow to check your Instagram or TikTok. As much as they are helpful, we need and benefit from time spent without smartphones.

  5. Establish morning and bedtime routines

    We are creatures of habit, and we love predictability. Establishing a routine when you wake up and before you go to bed will help you start the day and unwind before going to bed. Have a cup of coffee in the morning, or take a bath before bed – it is up to you. Morning and bedtime routines are also a great way to prepare kids for the new school year or kindergarten. You could maybe wake a little earlier each day the week before school until you wake up at the desired time for when school starts; in the evenings, you could read a bedtime story to your kids – whatever makes them happy. 😊

  6. Prepare things the night before

    To avoid rushing in the morning, and potentially running late, try to do or at least prepare everything you can for the next day. Lay out your clothes, pack the children’s backpacks, prepare lunch the night before, tidy up your home and remove any clutter that could hinder you from flawlessly and effectively getting ready in the morning. Without rushing and stressing out, your day will probably go much smoother.

  7. Meal prep

    Things might get hectic when trying to get back into a routine, and there might not be much time left for cooking. In this case, we recommend you meal prep. This way, you don’t have to think about what to cook, you’ll have a healthy meal available and more time for other things, and you will avoid getting take out. If meal prep is not your thing, you can plan your meals – maybe for the week – get all the groceries in one go, and save time because you have all the ingredients needed for your meals and avoid going to the grocery store every other day.

  8. Exercise

    We all know that exercising is important, and besides helping you lose weight and look better, exercise will give you the balance you need on stressful days. It will help you have a clearer mind, focus, and overall performance. When it comes to exercising, you can do anything to get yourself moving. You could go for a run or a walk, join a team sport and meet your fellow team members for weekly training sessions. Fancy lifting weights? Join a gym and plan your workouts to get the most out of them. Exercise is essential for all of us as it has many health benefits. If you have an office job, try to make it a priority to exercise a couple of times a week – try to go for a 30-minute walk two or three times a week at least and take it from there.

Establishing a routine or getting back to your old one might not be so easy in the beginning. Try to incorporate some of the tips in your daily routine if all eight seem to be too much at first. Take baby steps until you get to where you want with your routine. And instead of feeling frustrated about everything you didn’t manage to accomplish in one day, focus on what you did check off your to-do list. And remember: Take one day at a time. 😊


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