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Antioxidants Protect Even in Heat

Antioxidants protect us and maintain the immune system.

They are the antagonists of the so-called “free radicals”. On the one hand, these free radicals are formed by the body itself during various metabolic processes, on the other hand, they are caused by harmful external influences such as UV radiation from the sun or great heat.

If you have too many free radicals in the body, this leads to oxidative stress. This attacks the cells. In addition, it is believed that free radicals cause the skin to age faster.

Antioxidants are found in vitamins, such as vitamins A, C, and E, and in trace elements, such as zinc and selenium. The sought-after antioxidants can also be found in secondary plant substances such as bioflavonoids.

“Cell protection is a must in the heat”

The 69-year-old Achim Heukemes has been doing extreme sports for 20 years, has already run and cycled around the world 10 times. In 2019, he was at the 24 Hour World Championships in the  Borrego  Springs Desert and became vice world champion. At temperatures of up to 40 C,  the body is exposed to extreme stress. He swears by antioxidants that protect him from these stresses:

“Heroes are not born… they are made…”

Do you want to maintain your immune system** and protect your cells from oxidative stress* with a delicious summer drink?

FitLine Antioxy* contains an innovative combination of natural polyphenols from special extracts and concentrates of berries, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices.

  • *Selenium, vitamin E, and vitamin C help protect cells from oxidative stress. **Selenium and vitamin C contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system. Author: Ursula Prüfe

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