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How FitLine supports your ambitions in popular sports

Even if you don’t (yet) exhaust yourself professionally in your sport, you have to deal with your diet sooner or later. Especially if you want to improve your performance level.

Your diet must be tailored to your needs and the sport you practice. Targeted supplementation can help ensure optimal supply even under extreme conditions so that you can also perform at your best.

This makes it possible to specifically strengthen the immune system, have higher energy levels available for short-term stresses, or support the regeneration time accordingly.

Petra Friedrich, 40 years old

Victory at the Allgäu Mountain Running (32 km and 3,050 meters in altitude)

“Recently, a mountain marathon took place in the Allgäu. In good running weather and thanks to FitLine, I won the women’s mountain marathon.

A run in a class of its own with 32 km and 3,050 meters of altitude. It was almost exclusively on trails with challenging terrain. The route went from Immenstadt (750m) to the Hochgrat with 1,834 m (highest point of the tour) constantly up and down. The finish was at the Alpe Oberberg at about 1,300 m. In many places, it was not possible to run, but mountaineering was announced. The trail went steep uphill and downhill. For such trails, it is required to be an experienced marathon runner.

In the last few months, I have ‘collected’ many meters of altitude on foot or by bike. Since I started using FitLine products (especially Activize, PowerCocktail, and Restorate) in March, I’ve achieved incredible things. I recover much faster, hardly need any breaks even after long and enduring sessions. I feel fit, energetic, and capable of top performances.


My next step will be something I could have never imagined myself doing. I will dare to do the so-called “Everesting” – 8,848 m in one day, exclusively uphill.

After just a few weeks of using the FitLine products, I cracked my 10 km best time at the age of 39. Without having had a rest day before and without having specifically trained for it. It is incredible what is possible if you are well supplied with the right food. Unbelievable – Fascinating -Wonderful!”

Julian Beuchert, 29 years old

Victory at the PfalzTrail 36 km & 780 meters of altitude, 2nd place at the STELVIO Half Marathon with over 2100 meters of altitude

Here, right before the altitude training around the Timmelsjoch (2,474 m) a couple of weeks ago: “In addition to my favorite product PowerCocktail, the intake of the amino acids of the ProShape Amino has also had a positive effect on me. While other participants of the altitude training complained about severe muscle soreness during a hard training session, I had no such problems. In general, I can recover much better over night, even though at that time I had less and less good sleep due to the hard training sessions.”


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