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FitLine ProShape Challenge: Summer Edition Week 3

The FitLine ProShape Challenge is in full swing – the third week is on! After two weeks of workouts and fun, let’s talk stretching. Many might think that only runners or gymnasts need to stretch, but we all need it – preferably on a daily basis – to protect our mobility and keep our muscles flexible.

Stretching keeps the muscles not only flexible but strong and healthy, and we need that flexibility to maintain a range of motion in the joints. Without this, the muscles can shorten and become tight, which in turn puts us at risk for joint pain, strains, and muscle damage.


Other benefits of regular stretching include:

– improved performance in physical activity,

– increased blood flow to muscles,

– improved posture,

– prevention of back pain,

– and it can help relieve stress and tension headaches.


When stretching, do listen to your body and do not perform any stretch too quickly. You’ll feel tension during a stretch, but you shouldn’t feel pain.

However, stretching is not a one-time-cure-all thing. It takes time and regular stretching to become flexible and feel the effects and benefits of stretching. But in the end, it’s worth the effort.

Along with a regular stretching routine, we recommend a healthy diet and nutritional supplements to get all the nutrients you need. In terms of supplements, one of our FitLine athletes’ favorites is the FitLine Restorate1 – try it yourself!

Now that we’ve covered some stretching basics, let’s jump right into week 3 of the FitLine ProShape Challenge!

Train like a handballer! Tuesday’s 20-minute arm-toning workout

Repeat circuit 3 times (1-minute rest between each circuit):

  • 20x forward arm circles
  • 10x triceps dips
  • 5x push-ups
  • 10-sec rest
  • 20-sec plank
  • 60-sec rest
  • 10x shoulder taps
  • 5x push-ups
  • 20x supermans
  • 10x triceps dips
  • 5x push-ups

Train like a cross fitter! Thursday’s 20-minute full-body workout

Repeat circuit 3 times (1-minute rest between each circuit):

  • 15x squats
  • 40-sec plank
  • 30x crunches
  • 50x jumping jacks
  • 25x lunges
  • 30-sec wall sit
  • 30x sit-ups
  • 25x butt kicks

Train like a skier! Friday’s 25-minute leg-toning workout

Repeat circuit 3 times (1-minute rest between each circuit):

  • 15x jump squats
  • 15x side plank leg raise left
  • 15x side plank leg raises right
  • 15x front lunges per side
  • 15x squat with a lateral leg lift left
  • 15x squat with a lateral leg lift right
  • 15x sumo squats
  • 15x side to side
  • 15x plie squat calf raises
  • 15x squat to woodchop
  • 15x lateral lunges
  • 15x glute bridges

Train like a dancer! Saturday’s 25-minute waist workout

Repeat circuit 3 times (1-minute rest between each circuit):

  • 30-sec high knees
  • 45-sec crunches
  • 45-sec glute bridges
  • 30-sec oblique raises (per side)
  • 45-sec plank jacks
  • 30-sec push-ups
  • 30-sec reverse lunge (per side)
  • 30-sec bicycle crunches
  • 30-sec plank

Stretch like a professional! Saturday’s 20-minute stretching routine

Perform each stretch on both sides:

  • 30-sec neck circles
  • 30-sec wide-legged standing forward bend
  • 30-sec low lunge
  • 30-sec hip flexor
  • 30-sec hamstring stretch
  • 30-sec pigeon
  • 30-sec lotus position
  • ¹Magnesium contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system and normal muscle function.

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