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FitLine ProShape Challenge: Summer Edition Week 4

FitLine ProShape Challenge: Summer Edition Week 4

It’s the final week! You made it! Just a few more workouts to go, and you’ve accomplished the FitLine ProShape Challenge Summer!

The end of the challenge does not mean that you have to stop working out. Quite the contrary – see it as the beginning of your new fitness lifestyle.

Many people embark on a fitness journey to lose weight or improve their shape. But there are many other reasons we should embrace fitness within our lives.

  1. You’ll become more disciplined simply by sticking to your routine and doing your workout even when you don’t feel like it.
  2. You’ll feel good after you’ve completed a workout, and knowing how good it feels after you have done and finished something, you’ll be even more motivated to check off your to-do lists.
  3. You’ll reap the benefits of better sleep because regularly working out will positively impact your sleep cycle.
  4. You’ll be more resilient, meaning that regular exercise can improve your overall health and well-being.


Before throwing in the towel after the last week of the program and ditching the good habits you’ve established in the past few weeks, maybe you will want to give it a shot and continue working out and eating healthy. You can repeat the challenge month after month or mix it up with your own workouts – it is up to you!

Now that you’ve learned why you should stick to your good habits and stay disciplined let’s jump right into week 4 of the FitLine ProShape Challenge!

Train like a sprinter! Monday’s 30-minutes full-body workout

Repeat circuit 2 times (1-minute rest between each circuit):

  • 30-sec jumping jacks
  • 30-sec high knees
  • 30-sec squats to curtsy lunges
  • 30-sec ski squats
  • 30-sec jump squats
  • 30-sec squat hold
  • 30-sec squats + crisscross crunches
  • 30-sec push up on knees
  • 30-sec walking plank

60-sec rest

  • 30-sec plank hold
  • 30-sec mountain climbers
  • 30-sec superman
  • 30-sec plank hold
  • 30-sec donkey kicks left leg
  • 30-sec donkey kick pulses left leg
  • 30-sec donckey kiks right leg
  • 30-sec donkey kick pulse right leg
  • 30-sec alternating leg raises

Train like a surfer! Wednesday’s 15-minute strong glutes workout

Repeat circuit 3 times (1-minute rest between each circuit):

  • 30-sec calf raises
  • 30-sec standing hip circles left
  • 30-sec standing hip circles right
  • 30-sec squats
  • 30-sec plie squats + calf raises
  • 30-sec squat hold
  • 30-sec rest
  • 30-sec lateral leg raises left
  • 30-sec lateral leg raises right
  • 30-sec squats + calf raises
  • 30-sec in and out squats

Stretch like a professional! Thursday’s 20-minute stretching routine

Perform each stretch on both sides:

  • 30-sec neck circles
  • 30-sec wide-legged standing forward bend
  • 30-sec low lunge
  • 30-sec hip flexor
  • 30-sec hamstring stretch
  • 30-sec pigeon
  • 30-sec lotus position

Train like a basketballer! Friday’s 15-minute upper-body workout

Repeat circuit 3 times (1-minute rest between each circuit):

  • 30-sec shoulder presses
  • 30-sec bicep curls
  • 30-sec push-ups on knees
  • 30-sec jumping jacks
  • 30-sec rest
  • 30-sec tricep dips
  • 30-sec alternating punches
  • 30-sec lateral arm raises
  • 30-sec alternating front/lateral raises

Train like a boxer! Sunday’s 15-minute cardio workout

Repeat circuit 3 times (1-minute rest between each circuit):

  • 30-sec static run
  • 30-sec jump squats
  • 30-sec jumping jacks
  • 30-sec alternating lunges
  • 30-sec lateral shuffles
  • 30-sec mountain climber
  • 30-sec bear crawl
  • 30-sec burpees
  • 30-sec inchworms

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