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Fitter With FitLine - How the Handball Players of TBV Lemgo Lippe Prepare for the Season

fitline handball TBV Lemgo

The boys of the TBV Lemgo Lippe team play dedicatedly and successfully in the German Handball Bundesliga. The public usually only sees the games, but the preparation in the background starts much earlier.

Officially, it begins six weeks before the season starts. This includes an individual training plan for each player during the summer break. On the first day, performance diagnostics are on the agenda, and then, over the course of the six weeks, basic endurance, strength training, and, of course, handball-specific and tactical training. In addition, there will be some test matches and preparation tournaments.

The FitLine products are used holistically by the team. For the team, it is about general well-being, staying as healthy as possible, performing at their best, and, most importantly, accelerating and optimizing recovery.

TBV Lemgo Lippe circle runner Gedeón Guardiola on PowerCocktail:

“For me, the PowerCocktail from FitLine is actually one of the best things to start the day with. I think it gives you full energy for the day right away and gives you a better start.”

TBV Lemgo Lippe is successfully defending its position in the strongest league in the world – good luck for the future!


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