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High performance in e-sports

High performance in e-sports

E-sports is much more than a passing trend – it has become an established form of sport, gaining immense global popularity and attracting millions of fans worldwide. Digital natives are taking full advantage of this ever-growing market and competing in front of large audiences. Taking part in international competitions can be lucrative, with huge prize pools often reaching eight figures. Sim racing, a form of e-sports, focuses on closely simulating real-life racing and requires a range of skills, including coordination, concentration, and stamina.

What exactly is Sim Racing?

Simulated Racing, or SimRacing for short, is more than just a game; it is a professional e-sport that stands out from other e-sports in its ability to replicate its real-life counterpart. SimRacing simulates real motorsport in as much detail as possible, with e-sports athletes competing against each other on a virtual racetrack. No matter your experience level, SimRacing is the most accessible way to get into motorsport. It starts with the racing cars, some of which are built in collaboration with real-world manufacturers such as BMW and are realistically integrated into the simulations. Using laser scanning technology, the tracks are also recreated with centimeter-perfect accuracy, down to the last bump.

Simulated Racing Bruno Spengler

DTM Champion Bruno Spengler on concentration and endurance in SimRacing

Squealing tires, roaring engines, full attention – almost everything is just like in the real world. “If you want to be at the top of your game in e-sports, you have to be extremely focused and persistent,” says DTM champion Bruno Spengler. The physical and mental strain is enormous, with races lasting from one to several hours.

Bruno has already participated in the virtual endurance race, the 24 Hours of Le Mans, in the GTE class. “A team consists of four drivers who take turns on the track after a certain time. With us, everyone drives from home. Switching between drivers is done at the push of a button. The professional SIM racers have a slight advantage over the classic racers because they know the platform very well and are incredibly fast,” says Bruno.

The FitLine products make a difference in Bruno’s life and support him everywhere, whether in real or virtual life: “Every morning, I drink my PowerCocktail with extra Q10 and Omega 3 to start the day fit and well. I am a big eater, and because of the long training sessions, I always need a fruit snack to replenish my energy reserves, and it tastes delicious. Since taking FitLine products, I’ve been able to train longer, and my immune system is much stronger”.


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