Alex Knaff

1th place in Luxembourg tennis

  • Luxembourg
  • Luxembourg, Tennis

The large range of products makes it easy for me to get all the important nutrients while I’m competing/training. The products taste great and have clean ingredients so they are perfect for my type of lifestyle. The packaging also makes it easy to bring the products on the road so that I am always equipped while playing in different countries. Since I started taking the FitLine products, i can see the difference in the results. I’ve reached my career high ranking (Top 600 in the world) and #1 in Luxembourg tennis.

I’m using the FitLine products since March 2020 and regularly use FitLine Fitness Drink, Protein Max Bar, Power Cocktail and Restorate.

My favorites are Fitness Drink and Protein Max.

FitLine Team: Fahrudin Kuduzovic


Alex's Favorites

FitLine Restorate

FitLine Restorate

Supply of Minerals & Trace Elements


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