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FitLine Worldwide - New E-xciting Partner!

New cooperation with the e-sports federation of Luxembourg

We are excited about our new cooperation with the esports federation of Luxembourg as it can be an effective way to further promote health, fitness, and beauty to a totally new, young, and tech-savvy audience. We want to work together and align our brands to encourage an active lifestyle, even in the world of gaming, where the stereotype of sitting behind a console or computer screen is often the image people have.

“At Luxembourg Esports Federation, we prioritize the health of our athletes. We understand that proper nutrition, exercise, and sleep are key factors in maintaining optimal performance, that’s why we partnered with Fitline to promote healthy living and high performance. With their support, we provide our players with the resources to thrive. Fitline’s cutting-edge products and expertise give our athletes the competitive edge they need to succeed.”

– Joe Hoffman (bottom right image below) – President Luxembourg E-Sports Federation

Esports athletes are known for their dedication to training and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, making them ideal athletes to experience positive results and become ambassadors for FitLine. We are confident that together we can promote all the positives of an active lifestyle and make an impact on the esports world.

Another reason for getting involved with esports is the opportunity to promote the importance of mental health and wellness. These are growing topics in the esports community, just like endurance, concentration, or focus, with players facing unique challenges such as burnout, fatigue, and stress. As an experienced sports partner, FitLine can offer a wide range of products to support their active and healthy lifestyle and contribute to combating these challenges. For us, this partnership showcases how far we have come with our collaborations in the world of professional sports. We are proud to have you on board!


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