JunHo Kim

Summer Games Gold medal winner and Asian Champion

  • South Korea
  • South Korea, Fencing

When I first discovered Fitline, I was skeptical and didn’t have high expectations because I didn’t know much about nutraceuticals, but after taking the product, I noticed a clear difference in my performance and wanted to continue my relationship with PM International.

As an athlete, I’m very careful about product safety and doping when choosing supplements, and knowing that PM International is a company that maintains the highest quality through systematic testing and that all of their products have passed doping controls and are on the Cologne List was the biggest reason I was able to trust their products.

By starting and ending my day with Fitline, I felt more energized to train,
Out of all the different Fitline products, I’m a big fan of Munogen. Fencing is a sport that requires split-second concentration and quick thinking. Unlike other sports, sabre is scored with the blade of the sword, so movements and attacks are very fast-paced.
By combining my pre-training Fitline Power Cocktail with Munogen, i’m pleased with the results.


I regularly use Munogen, Power Cocktail

JunHo Favorites

FitLine Munogen

FitLine Munogen

Feel Your Vitality!

FitLine PowerCocktail

FitLine PowerCocktail

Kickstart Your Day with all the fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices you needed!


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