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FitLine ProShape Challenge: Summer Edition Week 2

The FitLine ProShape Challenge is heading into week #2, and you’re probably sore from the first week of workouts! And that’s good!

However, you can do a few things to help yourself when it comes to sore muscles or muscle strains.

If you strained a muscle (or more), put ice on your muscle(s) as soon as possible. Use a towel or a cloth to put the ice in to avoid burning your skin. You can also use the FitLine med Active Gel. The gel is not sticky and supports blood flow while having a cooling effect on the area to which it’s applied.

Make sure to get enough rest. The weakened and/or injured muscle(s) needs to heal. If nothing seems to help and the pain or discomfort persists, it might be a sign of a tear, so we recommend you consult a doctor to rule out serious injuries.

It goes without saying that a healthy and balanced diet is always important, especially when working out regularly. Eating healthy will benefit muscle growth or weight loss, but the right food will also supply you with the necessary micronutrients (vitamins and minerals).

Now that you’re equipped with a few tips on relieving muscle soreness, let’s jump right into the second week of workouts! Keep scrolling for the exercises and workout videos to follow along!

FitLine ProShape Challenge Summer

Train like a marathonian! Monday’s 15-minute full-body workout

Do as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes:

  • 30-sec static run
  • 10 jump squats
  • 10 burpees
FitLine ProShape Challenge Summer

Train like a boxer! Wednesday’s 10-minute upper body workout

  • 60-sec rocking plank
  • 15-sec side plank left
  • 30-sec side plank dips left
  • 15-sec side plank right
  • 30-sec side plank dips right
  • 25-sec tricep dips

15-sec rest

  • 45-sec crunches
  • 30-sec bicycle crunches
  • 30-sec triceps dips
  • 30-sec Russian twist
  • 25-sec crunch kicks

15-sec rest

  • 60-sec regular plank
  • 30-sec superman
FitLine ProShape Challenge Summer

Train like a roller skater! Thursday’s 15-minute glutes workout

Repeat circuit 3 times (1-minute rest between each circuit):

  • 60-sec glute bridges
  • 30-sec straight leg raises left
  • 30-sec straight leg raises right
  • 30-sec straight leg pulses left
  • 30-sec straight leg pulses right
  • 60-sec glute bridges
  • 60-sec glute bridge pulses
FitLine ProShape Challenge Summer

Train like a soccer player! Friday’s 15-minute full-body workout

8 rounds of each exercise; repeat circuit 3 times:

  • 10 push-ups (or on your knees if full push-ups are too difficult)
  • 10 burpees
  • 10 air squats
FitLine ProShape Challenge Summer

Stretch like a professional! Saturday’s 20-minute stretching routine

Perform each stretch on both sides:

  • 30-sec neck circles
  • 30-sec wide-legged standing forward bend
  • 30-sec low lunge
  • 30-sec hip flexor
  • 30-sec hamstring stretch
  • 30-sec pigeon
  • 30-sec lotus position
  • *Substituting two daily meals of an energy-restricted diet with meal replacements contributes to weight loss. **Substituting one of the main daily meals of an energy-restricted diet with a meal replacement contributes to the maintenance of weight after weight loss.

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